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Hackensack Commercial Moving and Office Relocation Specialists

If you’re planning to relocate your business or move into a new office facility, it can be an overwhelming, stressful experience if you don’t enlist the services of a professional office movers team in Hackensack like  As your commercial moving and office relocation specialists, we are always prepared to handle the most difficult moves and ensure a smooth transition into your new location.  We are a full-service local moving company which means that we can handle just about everything associated with your commercial relocation.

How do we help you achieve your office moving goals?

Our expert commercial moving team has been thoroughly trained in all facets of office relocations and commercial moves.  We work with you throughout the moving process to ensure your move is completed on time and on budget.  This helps to minimize the amount of downtime you experience and decrease the amount of disruptions to your daily operations as possible. We don’t want your business to be affected and that is why our team works quickly and efficiently in the background to ensure there is no disruptions.

In order to ensure a stress-free moving experience, our office movers services in Hackensack provide the following amenities and benefits:

  • completion of your business or office facility move on budget and on time
  • disassembly and re-assembly of office furniture
  • expert crating and packing services
  • FREE on-site cheap moving estimates
  • fully bonded, insured, and licensed moving teams
  • local, intrastate, and interstate commercial moving experience
  • long or short-term storage available
  • management support provided throughout the relocation process

In addition to the above, can assist your employees with their moving needs, if needed.  We have the resources necessary for ensuring a no-hassle, stress-free relocation experience.  Regardless of the scope and size of your office relocation, you can count on us to complete your move quickly and efficiently. Call us today to get a free quote on the relocation requirement.

How is a commercial move different from a residential move?

Although the concepts are similar in purpose and scope, commercial moves are very different from residential moves.  As a business owner, it helps to know the differences so you can better organize your move and eliminate your stress.  The expert office movers team in Hackensack have been skillfully trained to handle even the most challenging and complex business or office relocations quickly and efficiently.  The following will explain how commercial and residential moving differs:

  • Residential moving – moving out of an apartment, condo, furniture or home into a new location is relatively simple when compared to moving a business or office into a new facility. You pack up your personal belongings, hire a moving company to load them and your furniture onto their truck and deliver them to your new location, and then unpack all the boxes.  The only concern you have is ensuring that everything arrives in the same condition as when it was loaded onto the moving truck.
  • Commercial moving – relocating a business or office into a new facility is much more complicated and requires the expertise and skills of an experienced office movers team in Hackensack. Commercial relocations need to be quick and efficient in order to minimize the amount of disruptions to your daily operations and the loss of productivity.  You also have a concern about moving computers, large pieces of office equipment or machinery, and other items.

The bottom line is that commercial relocations involve more planning than residential moves.  Additionally, commercial relocations involve transporting a large amount of electronic equipment as well as sensitive materials. That is why our crew ensures that fragile items and other boxes are padded and secured, so that there is very limited movement during transit. This safeguard electronic equipment and sensitive documents are safe all through the transportation process.

How much does moving a business cost?

Now that you have an idea of the differences between commercial and residential moves and what is involved with both of them, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to hire to move your business.  While the costs listed below may or may not apply to you, they will give you a basic idea of what your office relocation could cost.  Depending on how much office equipment, files, furniture, and other materials you have and the distance to your new location:

  • the cost of moving a 1,500 sq. ft. office will range from $750 to $4,500
  • the cost of moving a 3,000 sq. ft. office will range from $1,500 to $9,000
  • the cost of moving a 10,000 sq. ft. office will range from $5,000 to $30,000 or more

For more information about our office movers’ services in Hackensack or to schedule a FREE on-site estimate for your pending move, please contact at your earliest convenience.