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Full-Service Apartment Moving Services in Hackensack

Moving from one apartment to another in the Hackensack area can be a challenging task, especially if you haven’t enlisted the services of a professional moving team like  Whether you’re moving across town or out of state, we make moving from your existing apartment to your new location a more pleasant experience.  Our apartment movers’ staff in Hackensack is comprised of trained professionals who are proficient in all facets of the relocation process.

What can you expect when you hire our full-service apartment movers?

We have helped hundreds of couples and individuals move from one apartment complex to another.  Basically, we have apartment moving down to a science.  We provide moving services for 1-bedroom and studio apartments at some of the most competitive rates in the industry today.  As a local Hackensack full-service moving company, our apartment movers experts in Hackensack can handle any task associated with your move.

Unlike many established moving companies in New Jersey that only want to handle the larger moves and don’t offer the competitive rates that offer, we can provide moving solutions that are tailored to the needs of the apartment dweller.  Here is what you can expect when we are helping with your move and what we will do:

  • supply all of the packing materials you need for your move.
  • help you pack your belongings according to your specifications.
  • disassemble any furniture that is too bulky or heavy to carry intact.
  • load the truck, transport your items, and then unload the truck
  • re-assemble all furniture as needed
  • unpack boxes based on your request
  • dispose of all packing materials and trash once the job is done

Furthermore, our apartment movers in Hackensack will sit down with you and help you with the logistics and planning of your move if needed. We’d like to know your custom requirements such as whether you need assistance with packing, require us to bring boxes and packing supplies or you intend doing all that on your own. If you just need us to move the boxes or full-services of our company, we’ll be able to plan accordingly and help you. We’ll offer a written cheap price quote based on the evaluation of your requirements.

How much do our apartment moving services cost?

Naturally, it will cost you a little more to hire instead of doing the work yourself with the help of some family members or friends.  However, when you consider how much time and stress it will save you, it’s well worth it.  You can get a basic idea of what our services cost by visiting the home page of our website and clicking on the “Get Quote” button in the upper right corner.  Other factors that influence the cost of your move might include:

  • how far from your current location that you’re moving?
  • how many movers are required to assist with the move?
  • how much furniture and personal belongings you have?
  • if you requested packing materials
  • specific tasks you requested the movers to perform
  • time of year you’re moving

We can also arrange long-term or short-term storage if your new apartment isn’t ready to be occupied yet.  Thus, when you’re ready to get started, you can contact and schedule an in-home estimate of the total cost.

How do you prepare for an apartment move?

Although our apartment movers team in Hackensack is the key to a successful moving experience, the preparation for your move is up to you.  Packing up your belongings takes time, even if you live in a small studio apartment.  If you prefer, we can help with the packing and unpacking of your belongings for an additional yet affordable fee.  Here are some helpful preparation tips to consider:

  • Declutter all areas as much as possible so the movers have room to maneuver
  • Designate the items you want the movers to pack and the items you will pack
  • Have beverages and snacks available for the movers
  • If you’re doing the packing, be sure to label the boxes according to the contents and the room they belong in
  • If you’re moving into a smaller place, now is the time to start downsizing by donating or selling the items you aren’t moving with you
  • Make a list of everything you intend to move into your new apartment
  • Tell us what your expectations are but make sure you’re always available to answer any questions that the apartment movers team in Hackensack may have
  • Most importantly, be sure you tip the movers (how much you tip them will be based on how satisfied you are with the job they did)

For more information regarding our apartment moving services call at your earliest convenience. Call us today and let’s discuss your requirements.