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5 Tips for Moving with Dogs

Moving with dogs can be a stressful time for both you and your pet. You want to make sure that your pup is happy and comfortable during this time. The good news is that there are some things that you can do to make it easier on the whole family.

As a dog owner, I understand the struggle. Here are some tips for moving with dogs that help me out with Luna and Reve:

Choose a dog carrier that is the right size for your pet. Your dog should have room to move around comfortably in the carrier, but not enough room to turn around or stand up straight.

Make sure the carrier is secure and won’t tip over when your dog moves around inside it. If possible, put something heavy inside before you load him up so that he doesn’t tip it over when he moves around.

Make sure there is enough ventilation from the carrier so that he can breathe easily while traveling in hot weather or cold weather without discomfort.

Bring along familiar items like toys, food bowls, bedding, dog clothes, etc. This will help ease their anxiety during the journey and give them something to focus on other than being unfamiliar with their new surroundings.

Keep them on a leash at all times when in public areas such as parks or public transportation systems, as well as when walking through unfamiliar neighborhoods or streets. You never know what could happen when moving with dogs!

Dog Accessories and Clothing for Moving with your Dog

Wire Rim Luxury Dog Sunglasses:

At, we offer a wide selection of the best designer dog accessories, including these fashion dog sunglasses. These stylish sunglasses come in a variety of lens colors to match any outfit you want! Designed with a wire rim and comfortable nose pads, these glasses accentuate the natural beauty of your pet. And thanks to the clear strap that keeps them securely in place, no matter how much they move around or turn their head, these glasses will always stay put.

Handmade Tan Porsha Dog Carrier:

This premium dog carrier is just the carrier you need for you and your beloved pet. This handmade designer carrier is made with high-quality genuine leather, featuring YKK zippers, and has meshing on all the sides. For added convenience, it acts as a pet travel bag with a front pocket that has ample storage space for all your necessities and dog accessories. Your dog will be cozy and comfortable during travel, whether you are traveling short or long distances.

Customizable Dog Denim Jacket Vest:

Our Dog Denim Jacket Vest is the perfect choice for any dog that needs to keep warm as you travel together during the cold weather season. The vest is made from 100% cotton denim with a red hoodie that can be worn up or down. Not only will your pup look stylish, but you can match your own jean jacket to your dog’s denim vest. This distressed denim look gives your dog-human a stylish look while keeping him warm and cozy. We also offer a name personalization option for a custom dog jacket.

BFF Designer Pink Dog Dress:

The BFF Pink Designer Dog Dress makes your sweet pooch feel extra special with her very own designer dog dress! Crafted of soft stretchy cotton knit. It ensures that your dog remains comfortable throughout. The soft, satin handmade bow will add just the right touch to your pup’s wardrobe. This sweet little baby pink dress is made to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes from XXS to L.

Personalized Lime Green Mesh Soft Pet Dog Harness:


Our high-quality dog harness is made of soft padded material with mesh for maximum comfort, breathability, and durability. This fashionable colorful dog harness comes in Lime Green! It has an adjustable chest strap to allow growth and a quick-release buckle for easier use. It comes with the option to personalize it with an embroidered name that you would like, or order it when blank. Once you attach a leash, this will ensure extra safety while walking your dog.

Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt – Moonlight Sails

Our Hawaiian Camp Shirt features some fun, brilliant prints showing off various beach scenes that are perfect for a vacation trip with your pup. Made out of 100% cotton, your dog will be cool and at ease as you travel together. Each shirt comes with a leash hole to make walking easy and simple. You can also get matching designs in many of our other designer items like dog collars, and dog leashes.


Moving with dogs can be a big challenge. But with a few tips and tricks, as well as the right pet clothes and accessories, you can make the process much easier on your pets and yourself.